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Whether you have one employee, or ten thousand, OBS software makes running your HR office simple. developing and organizing the human resources department. Is very important because of its fast impact on the performance of your Business.Here are just a handful of the great features our HR and payroll products have to offer: Flexible solutions designed to meet the needs of your business Always up to date with the latest legislation Matching with the laws of the GCC countries Keep an up to date record of all your employees Automatically calculates tax and statutory deductions Create payslips for your employees Employees cost analysis.
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The financial OBS suite is designed to meet the needs of your business regardless of your business size. Through accounting and financial solutions and via Internet Explorer, you will be able to analyze your business performance, organize accounting management, and follow-up audit and review, balance sheet control, profitability centers, project centers and design a complete financial management dashboard. Here you will have a wealth of great features to run your business financially. By controlling the automatic movement of entitlements and settlements, managing your revenues and expenses, designing the company's payment and cash flow plan, carefully monitoring the final reports and financial ratios, adjusting your bank statements and automatically assessing VAT values. The work of financial management will be very simple.
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Full OBS system on the Internet, this group of software is represented in a single business management solution that offers new levels of control, flexibility, ease of use and cost-effectiveness. This makes the ABS system very ideal for small and medium sized companies, operating in the assembly, distribution, wholesale, retail, services, contracting, asset management and non-profit industries. It is also intuitive and easy to use through a web page or smart device. It also supports many legislations and languages, designed to serve multi-firm, multi-activity, multi-geographical, and multi-currency organizations with limited interoperability.
With the OBS system you can create an integrated document and journal cycle. As well as your design of your main dashboard and reports.
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Fixed assets are tangible / intangible assets acquired through the facility in various ways to be used in operations in all its forms. The importance of this item in the ability of organizations to continue and operate OBS provided fixed asset management programs possessing the integrated financial and monitoring tools to track the consumption of various types of assets Depreciation, recalculation, scraping and disposal of fixed assets. You may also suspend the fixed asset from work and transfer it to a different depreciation area as well as control the renewal and replacement of the fixed asset
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The best companies are exploring new sources to help them compete in the business market. And from here it comes the importance of distribution management includes all these integrated activities that start by searching for sources of supply and then creating and developing new markets for their products and services. The OBS group of distribution and logistics management is the interdependence of the procurement, transportation, storage, physical distribution, . Successful distribution management coordinates and interacts all these activities in a smooth process. It includes all partners in that process. In addition to departments within the organization, these partners include suppliers, customers, delegates, carriers, third party companies, and information systems providers.
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What can our product do for you?

Web & Mobile Access


All Inclusive

Integrated software solutions Key modules have been built as an integrated solutions unit.

Database & Technology

Now, you can work safely. OBS software package has been built using one of the best high-tech databases

Professional Technical Support at your service

We support you with the best service providers technical support and after sales service are always happy to assist you We are always ready ..

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Analysis and implementation of all types of organizations

your business is complicated?? Whatever your type of business, we always have solutions to make your work simpler. Analysis, implementation and presenting it in a great way will be our mission

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Automated workflow


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Business has only two functions, marketing and innovation

"Peter Drucker"

It makes no sense to keep your activities on a small scale and accept life less than you can live

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If I were to do something, I would do it amazingly or not at all

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Your success can not be measured by what you do, but by what you have accomplished in the end

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Define an objective and find a mentor, learn as much as you can. high standards, cultivate a professional mindset and don't be afraid to be viewed as decisive

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I think that one of the simplest rules in the world of business is to always start with the easiest, then you can make further progress

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Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected

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OBS Comunity

Mr.Mohamed Hamdi
Techniqal Support Team Manager
Very intuitive and fast-to-use interface. OBS ERP is an extremely reliable software. OBS team is very innovative and are always increasing the capabilities of the software by listening to the customers' wants and needs.
Eng.Sally Magdy
UI Developer
It is an amazing platform that lets you really fit the system to your own company's needs, it is also great that all our information is accessed through one system and it is very easy to train people to use the system.
Mr.Hamimi elkaioty
Financial Manager
OBS is a fantastic complete software system that integrates all functions of the company. OBS has ease of function and use, capable of handling supply chain, operation control, sales analysis and financial reporting.